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Foundation History

The main objective behind the framing of Navchetna Foundation Charitable Trust is to provide education by means of modern technologies incorporated with traditional and cultural values.

Education is considered as milestone of individual’s life which can decide his/her success in the modern world. “The strength of milestone decides the height and longevity of the building” We are committed here in this institution to prepare strong and firm establishment of milestones in the learners.

My husband had bravely sacrificed himself to threat the enemies during kargil war. It was the sorrowful day mingled with the feeling of a proud counter part of such a brave warrior. But destiny cannot be changed by us. By the grace of almighty I have full support of my family and society along with the sweet memories of the moments which I had spent with my better half has enabled me to nurture my childrens’ responsibility and to inculcate the spirit of patriotism in them too.

After him service for the country has become ambition of my life. Moreover my family has inherited the passion of patriotism for motherland from their ancestors. My father, father in –law and brother in – law has also given their service to the Indian Army and have built up the strong foundation in my husband from his childhood and ultimately his mighty courage does not require any explanation.

Now I realize that mother India needs many more such worthy sons to keep up her glory and, education can be considered as the most suitable means to prepare the base for the worthy sons. We have vision to establish such an institution which can provide the quality education with the glorified commitment in learners to serve mother India