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Mrs. Manisha Chakraborty

“ Together we can truly make a difference ”

         S.V.Public School Endeavour’s to inculate in each pride of being Indian & a love to the cultural heritage of India. Our aim is to inspire in our children respect for the National traditions, values & rituals.

         Our school understands and teaches the students to do the following:

         (1) I respect my teachers as much as I love & respect my parents.

         (2) I lend a helping hand to my parents, teachers & friend.

         (3) I look after the school properly & take care not to damage it nor let others damage it.

         (4) I maintain the decorum of the school by maintaining silence in the class & outside.

         (5) I realize that loud & misbehavior would reflect badly on me.

         (6) I am fair & honest in studies & at play .

         (7) I hold myself responsible for my belongings & can look after them.

         (8) I am social, friendly & enjoy participating in all extra co–curricular activities.

         (9) I attend school regularly & abide by its rule.

         (10) I take pride in wearing a neat & clean uniform to school everyday.

“ There is no place for any form of corporal punishment in the school. We affirm the importance of personality of every child. ”

Mrs. Manisha Chakraborty